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We are experts in search engine optimisation (SEO) and can improve your performance, call us now for a consultation.

How do I improve my Google rating and what is SEO?

Getting your business onto the first page of google and others search engines can play a major part in the success of your business.  Mastery of search engine optimisation (SEO) can allow small businesses to punch well above their weight on the internet.  As a business owner you will have undoubtably have been offered various search engine services by numerous companies cold calling you, all of whom profess to be the cheapest fastest and most reliable.  Like all things in life these three rarely go together.     

At Swift Marketing we are committed to you and your search engine optimisation for the long haul.  Consequently we do not offer any quick fixes which may ultimately get your site blackballed by the search engines. Instead we work on a long term solution to improving your search engine optimisation (SEO) and maintaining your search engine position.  To do this requires a thorough understanding of your business, its goals and its competitors. We take the time to find out about you and where you are positioned in the market place.
We design your site from the ground up with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind. Through discussion with you we can get a feel for your business, identify entrance paths of potential customers and design your site accordingly.

Designing sites in this way already gives you a boost with the search engines, we understand what they are looking for and design sites accordingly.  We keep abreast of the latest trends.  All of our sites incorporate social media and make it easy for you to add relevant content.  Content is really the key to good SEO, if anyone tells you anything different then walk away from their services.  If you want to be found when people are searching about a subject what you need is a lot of relevant content on that subject.

Even once you have a good ranking maintaining that position requires constant refinement of your search engine optimisation (SEO), this involves analysis of visitor trends and modifying a site accordingly.